“Ye know that the princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them,

and they that are great exercise authority upon them.

But it shall not be so among you:

but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister;

And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant:

Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto,

but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.” (Matthew 20:25-28, KJV)

The word the Athenians used for their Assembly was Ekklesia, the same word used in the New Testament for Church
(and it is the greatest philological irony in all of Western history that this word,
which connoted equal participation in all deliberation by all members,
came to designate a kind of self-perpetuating, self-protective Spartan gerousia -
which would have seemed patent nonsense to Greek-speaking Christians of New Testament times,
who believed themselves to be equal members of their Assembly.)

- Thomas Cahill, Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea: Why the Greeks Matter


Friday, March 11, 2011

Παντα υποχρεοι - Always Obliged

Θερμες ευχαριστιες στον προισταμενο της κοινοτητας μας πατηρ Κουρεμετη για τον
υπερμετρο ζηλο που επεδειξε να φερει εις περας την δυσκολον αποστολη της ταχυδρομησης επιστολης
απο το Μητροπολιτη Ησαια!

Το γοργον και χαριν εχει.
Τα ρασα δε κανουν το παππα.

Γιαννης Αρμαου


Warmest thanks and appreciation to the Proistamenos (of-Prophet-Elias-only) Kouremetis for the immeasurable zeal he has shown in sending us and delivering to us, with some measure of difficulty, the message via "snail mail" from Metropolitan Isaiah.

There is virtue in quick decisions.
The cassock does not make the priest.

Yannis Armaou

1 comment:

Steve Gamvroulas said...

We must not be so insistent with the current appointed, unelected, illegitimate "parish council" and Fr. Mike. After all, aren't we just ignorant peasants? Why must we concern ourselves with what our grandparent and parents have built here. After all, weren't they also just foolish peasants who really didn't understand the various parish regulations and canon laws that only the peasants are expected to follow? This current group and their successful predecessors are more knowledgeable and wiser then we are.

We should all be good little sheep and just pray and obey. That way we wont risk the threat of excommunication for our ridiculous hopes of self determination for our community. We are such foolish reprobates!! How dare we question them!!

I am curious though what goes on in the secret room full of computers, monitors and listening devices they have set up at P.E. I do love a great spy story.