“Ye know that the princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them,

and they that are great exercise authority upon them.

But it shall not be so among you:

but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister;

And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant:

Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto,

but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.” (Matthew 20:25-28, KJV)

The word the Athenians used for their Assembly was Ekklesia, the same word used in the New Testament for Church
(and it is the greatest philological irony in all of Western history that this word,
which connoted equal participation in all deliberation by all members,
came to designate a kind of self-perpetuating, self-protective Spartan gerousia -
which would have seemed patent nonsense to Greek-speaking Christians of New Testament times,
who believed themselves to be equal members of their Assembly.)

- Thomas Cahill, Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea: Why the Greeks Matter


Monday, March 14, 2011

By: Nick J. Colessides
March 14, 2011

(Or how the Archbishop and the Holy
Eparchial Synod were thrown under the bus)

The Prophet Elias Church [not “Parish”] Proistameno worked feverishly last Thursday and personally supervised and mailed a letter penned by the Denver Metropolitan, in January 2011. It is titled “Facts Pertaining to the Salt Lake City Situation.” There will be 1,087 local lucky parishioners/recipients of the letter.

In paragraph 4 of his letter to the Holy Eparchial Synod and the Archbishop of America, the Denver Metropolitan is letting us know that he holds “King’s X” over our spiritual and worldly lives.

The Denver Metropolitan has mistaken his appointment as a Metropolitan to that of a king. He confuses his Bishop’s Mitre with a king’s crown; however, no one has celebrated his coronation. He confuses his liturgical robes with imperial robes. He needs to know that the emoluments [and Offikia] of the Metropolitan’s Office are like perfume; they are supposed to be smelled not swallowed.

The Prophet Elias Church Proistameno follows him. He was appointed as “εφημέριος;” he earned the right to become “εφήμερος.” He has earned the right to have achieved the distinction of becoming irrelevant to the spiritual lives of the parishioners of our parish.

Those who forget to learn from history are condemned to repeat the mistakes of the past.

The arrogance of incompetence. Serfdom was abolished about 400 years ago; the Constitutional liberties of the Magna Carta were adopted in the United States almost 250 years ago. The Denver Metropolitan’s favorite ploy is to threaten excommunication. He forgets that the Catholic “Holy [Spanish] Inquisition” was abolished almost 700 years ago.

One wonders about the fact that over the last decade our community has paid to the Denver Metropolitan about one and a half million dollars. What benefit did our community receive from the Denver Metropolitan ??

It is time that the Denver Metropolitan get in touch with reality. It is time for the Marine to lay down his sword and retire; he should be asking for forgiveness for his illusion of grandeur. And, wherever he goes, to take with him the Prophet Elias Church Proistameno.

T. P. M. G.

Φωνή λαού, οργή Θεού. Remember Egypt.

Kali Sarakosti.

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